James Crockford Photography | About
“We like to be inspired by our clients as much as we want them to be inspired by us. We love the variety of photographing everything from Brides to Basset Hounds.”

James takes on the role of Creative Genius, and Kat takes on the role of Business Gnu… sorry, Business Guru.

James says…

I love pina coladas and walks in the rain. I read books with big words and pictures, and consume just about any type of music. Whilst Kat is a multi-tasking master, I am a single task kind of person (being polite about it…).
I grew up in Sussex, and learnt Yoruba while doing African Studies in Birmingham, but now can say no more than a basic greeting. I picked up experience of supporting new students settling into Uni, and a massive African music collection (which was once stolen, but recovered after the thieves looked at what they had stolen and chucked it into a bush deciding it was rubbish).

Kat Says….
I love caffeine, cosy sofas next to the fire with a proper book. I’m originally from Jersey and I have a degree in Archaeology, but managed to avoid getting my wellies dirty during the entire three years. I did, however, pick up a love for volunteering and a future husband. I am also a self-confessed Radio Four addict.
In the business, I look after the important things like making sure James is at the right place at the right time. I can take photographs myself, but leave most of that to James. I love lists, and particularly enjoy making lists for James, who never seems to like them as much as I do. As much as I like the UK, I do enjoy travelling to warm places, and have a massive desire to go back to India some day soon.

Other useless information about us:
We have two beautiful little boys, Josh & Joe, who currently love painting, running manically in the park, Buzz Lightyear, reading books about trains and munching chocolate. Having said that, they are 3 and 5, so what they like will probably change next week.

Neither of us could run James Crockford Photography without the other.